Chessie System C&O 3285 Safety Caboose - "X Out Accidents Near-Miss Program". This is the "grammar caboose" which despite multiple levels of approval, appeared with the incorrect possessive form of "accident's" on both sides! This model is based on the Atlas Master Series Extended Vision caboose as built by International Car Company. The caboose has been custom-painted and detailed with A-Line windshield wipers and scratch-built parts including additional battery / tool box and generator. The thick plastic window inserts are replaced with thin window glazing. Unique scratch-built simulated window screens are added to the cupola windows.

The caboose is airbrushed in the prototypical paint scheme using custom-mixed colors with silver-gray roof, gray ends, and yellow handrails. Window frames are hand-painted silver. The custom-printed decals are over-coated with a smooth flat finish. Wheels and trucks are painted.

The Atlas caboose features:

  •     Thin endrails
  •     Separate brake cylinder
  •     Open smoke stack
  •     Triple valve and air reservoir
  •     Roller-bearing caboose trucks with metal wheels
  •     AccuMate couplers